Covid-19 “Incredibly Anxiety Inducing” For Direct Provision Residents

Direct Provision centres were first introduced in Ireland in 2000 as a temporary measure to accommodate people seeking International Protection. However, over 20 years on they are still in operation and the majority are managed on a for-profit basis by private contractors. According to a spokesperson for the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration andContinue reading “Covid-19 “Incredibly Anxiety Inducing” For Direct Provision Residents”

Keeping Busy During a Global Pandemic

Here we are, locked down again. It’s easy to cling on to the negatives, but I’m going to shelve that for now and focus on the positives. Under normal circumstances, any twentysomething would be focusing on their careers and partying hard, with their health possibly taking a back seat. However, during Covid-19 all of thisContinue reading “Keeping Busy During a Global Pandemic”